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Train of Dreams 30th October

Train of Dreams 30th October

Sometimes it really surprises me how quickly I can stitch.  Of course it feels like it’s taking an age when your stitching and trying to get the page finished but two weeks to finish a full size page is quick work for me especially when there are lots of colour changes to deal with.  I really love all of the details in this stitching including the little twinkling stars flying out of the carriage, some of them have shadows that they’re casting on the books which you can only really see close up.  The cookies and chocolate are fun to stitch too, you’re putting in lots of different colours and then suddenly a cookie appears.  On the far right of the picture just coming in is the bird house which makes up most of the background of the next page.

Page five of Train of Dreams is now finished which means that I’ve now stitched nine of it’s eighteen pages and 56% complete.  I just need to complete the stitch along Sunny SK before the end of the year and I will have achieved my half year goals.

The stitch along starts on Thursday so before then I’ve managed to squeeze in a new start.  I have finally started Whispers by Nene Thomas, another beauty charted by Heaven and Earth Designs.  I kitted her up a few months ago and it was my intention to start her once Faces of Faery was finished.  There are 56 pages in this design so it will take ages to complete.  Hopefully I’ll have something to show next week so I’ll put the details up then.  The rotation plan for now is to stitch a page on the Train and then to spend a week on Whispers which should help to break up the background stitching.


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