Eternally changing plans

I had intended to switch back to Whispers.  I’d finished the row on Eternal Promise and I told myself that I would switch between my new start and Whispers.

Well that didn’t work.

Eternal Promise 8th June

Eternal Promise 8th June

It was on the frame anyway and I was a) too lazy to switch them over and b) Eternal Promise just shouted the loudest to be worked on.

So page 8 is done and the detail of the trees of the forest are starting to show.  Even though the pages have less stitches on them it’s difficult to get any speed going on this one because of the number of colour changes in the forest.  I won’t make any plans about whether this one will get put away after my page on Alice because I really love working on this one.

Poor Whispers, it looks like it may be a little while yet.


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