Giving in to temptation

For the most part of this week I’ve felt that Fairy Tales was going really slowly I don’t think it’s anything to do with stitching slowly but taking longer of an evening to settle down and get on with my stitching.  There’s also been a lot of confetti stitches – single stitches sprinkled here and there – and I’ve been experimenting with the best way to stitch them and finish the thread on the back of the work.  The back of my work is usually very neat but it’s difficult to keep the back of this one neat, I’m trying not to worry about it too much though as only the front will be seen once it’s framed.

QS Fairy Tales 14th Feb haed

Fairy Tales 14th Feb

I did have a good bit of time to work on it this weekend though and decided that it would be a good idea to keep a count of the number of stitches that I’ve done.  I can keep track of this with the Heaven and Earth designs because the entire piece is stitched and I stitch in blocks of ten rows.  So this week I have done 3360 stitches and I’m now 35% of the way through.  I’m going to keep a track of this, it will be interesting to see how that varies week by week and it’s nice to know how far through I am.  I’m almost getting down to the level of the top of her dress so that should start to become clearer the next time I pick her up in the rotation.  The rotation is really going well, it’s nice to have a different picture to work on each week so from tomorrow the rotation is changing and I’m going to rotate three projects.  I couldn’t resist the lure of Train of Dreams I’ve got everything ready that I need and part of my stitching time this week has been taken up with gridding the page outlines onto the fabric and preparing the needle holders and thread holders so that I can get started on it tomorrow night.


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