Here comes the Sun

Train of Dreams 16 July

Train of Dreams 16 July

This has been the 12th week on Train of Dreams, I’ve finished page 3 now so I’m going to finish page 12 before going back to finish a page on faces of faery.  The sleeping sun is just beginning to appear, that’s his sleeping cap you can see at the edge of the picture.  I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made this week I didn’t expect to get the page finished so quickly at the moment it looks like it will be my usual two weeks before moving onto the faery face.  Once the two pages are completed I’ll be moving onto a full page rotation system and we’ll see how long a page takes then.  Five pages in 12 weeks is working out to be a good average, even better when I think that I’ve done most of page 12 as well.

The weather has cooled now and I think that has helped, also the rain means the garden doesn’t need to be watered so much.  I’ve also got a little application on my phone so I can keep track of the hours that I spend on a project.  Talking books have probably helped too, I like having some background noise but if it’s the television or my husband playing computer games I find I look up too much.  Is there such a thing as a back-seat games player?  I think I might be, I keep offering useful advice such as “They’re getting you.” or ‘They’re behind you.” but it takes my attention away from my stitching and my place on the chart.  No I prefer music (although I like to sing along) or books, hours can fly by with me stitching while someone is telling me a story.


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