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Train of Dreams 29th May

Train of Dreams 29th May

It’s been another of those interrupted weeks of stitching.  I’m not sure where the time has gone but there doesn’t seem to have been enough of it for sitting down and doing stitching.  I did manage to finish another column which means that I only have two columns left on pages 2 and 11 and more importantly the dragon will soon begin to appear.  It’s probably just the looking forward to starting the dragon that makes me feel like progress has suddenly slowed.

The areas I’ve just done have had some confetti heavy marbles in them and so although I got through the rest of the column fairly quickly the sudden slowing down for the marbles made it feel like it was a slow week.  I’m still enjoying my stitching though the picture is so full of colour and detail that it really is a lot of fun to work.

This week I shall be stitching faery face #70 before spending another two weeks on the train and I’m hoping a good week on that will set me up well for the train.


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