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Faces of Faery 70 1st September

Faces of Faery 70 1st September

Had a bit more stitching time than usual recently and it’s showing in Faces of Faery 70.  I managed to get page 4 finished in a week.  I was hoping that it wouldn’t take too long as it’s a partial page but I think it’s only ten rows away from being a full page so it didn’t really make much difference.  I’ve now done most of the heart that she’s holding and you can just see her thumb at the bottom of the page.  This chart seems to be a lot more blocks of colour than the train which probably helps me feel that it’s stitching up quicker.  The next time she moves onto my rotation I’ll be working towards finishing her.

I think it might take a few weeks to get her finished as I’ll be doing pages 5 and 6 together because of the small size of page 6.  I counted up the actually stitched weeks last night and I’ve done 6 weeks so far.

Next up should be the stitch along week but I may delay that slightly while I wait patiently for the next page so I may be going back to the Train for page 13 and heading towards that 50% mark.


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