A Stitch In Time August 2020

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A Stitch In Time Crop Aug 20

A Stitch In Time August 2020

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Last week of the month is the week for working on A Stitch In Time. Little and often is the key with this one; I don’t think I could work on it consistently for two weeks at a time but a week a month is something to look forward too. I’m still working on page one having made my way over to that corner. I was dreading this page because it looked like it would be really full of confetti. On the whole it has been but the key was easier than I expected and generally using pattern keeper really helps me to find a route around the stitching and to make the most of travelling with those spread out stitches.

I’m working without a grid on this one and that also helps by making me less likely to make big jumps between stitches. It doesn’t stop me making mistakes but having a grid doesn’t stop the mistakes either.

I’m really pleased with the progress that I’ve been able to make this month. I managed to put in just over 4,000 stitches when my goal was 3,000. I’m also close to finally finishing the page and getting back to page two in September.

A Stitch In Time August 2020
A Stitch In Time August 2020

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