Gamer Nouveau Page 26

September 3, 2017 Nikki
Gamer Nouveau 21st July 2017 close

Page 26 seemed fairly confetti free compared to the previous page.  The folds of the dress are nice to follow with blocks of filling in.  The crisp provided a nice bit of confetti relief from stitching blocks of colour.  It […]

Gamer Nouveau Page 25

September 1, 2017 Nikki
Gamer Nouveau 10th July 2017 close

Life got really busy over the last couple of months so once again I fell behind with the updates. Starting with page 25 and a new row of pages.  The page split itself between the grey border and crazy confetti […]

Gamer Nouveau Page 24

July 7, 2017 Nikki
Gamer Nouveau 22nd June closeup

My second Gamer page for June was the end of row page 24.  The end of row pages are slightly smaller than the others but there was still so much confetti to get through that some stitching sessions didn’t see […]

Gamer Nouveau Page 23

June 30, 2017 Nikki
Gamer Nouveau 11th June 2017 closeup

I find it funny how I can look at a page and think that it looks uncomplicated and confetti free and then I’m suddenly ambushed by no end of colour changes.  I’ve been looking forward to reaching this page, this […]

Gamer Nouveau Page 22

June 28, 2017 Nikki
Gamer Nouveau 30th May 2017 closeup

Playing catchup again.  Page 22 was finished in May, I managed to get the second page finish before the end of the month.  Luckily there wasn’t so much confetti in this page so it was pretty straightforward after the previous […]

Gamer Nouveau Page 21

June 8, 2017 Nikki
Gamer Nouveau 20th May close

And now I reach the page that contains the halfway point of the design.  I’ve got a lot of stitching done on this in the last year and despite the pages that seem to be full of pages I seem […]

Gamer Nouveau Page 20

June 1, 2017 Nikki
Gamer Nouveau 2nd May close

I knew that I was behind with the blog but I’m further behind than I thought so we’ll have a few days of catching up. First up we have page 20 of Gamer Nouveau from Geckorouge.  It was an interesting […]

Gamer Nouveau Page 19

April 28, 2017 Nikki
Gamer Nouveau 18th April closeup

After my finish I’ve gone straight back to Gamer Nouveau.  I had a couple of days where I didn’t feel up to doing much stitching or not knowing what I wanted to work on but I expect that after big […]

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