The Gamer End of March Rotation

March 21, 2016 Nikki
The Gamer 18th March detail

I think that I can happily say that a two week rotation is the right length of time for me especially with these two confetti heavy projects that I’m currently switching between.  During the second week on the gamer I […]

The Gamer Page 7 Finished

March 11, 2016 Nikki
The Gamer

A few days into my rotation on The Gamer and I finished a page, that’s seven pages now complete on this one.  There is still quite a mix of blocks of colour and patches of heavy confetti, I think the […]

The Gamer end of rotation

February 21, 2016 Nikki
The Gamer 19th February

My rotation swapped on Saturday and I’m actually blogging about it within a couple of days.  This past two weeks I’ve been working on The Gamer and I posted a picture earlier in the week of the page and row […]

The Gamer Page 6

February 19, 2016 Nikki
The Gamer 10th February

It was a very quick and easy page and justified my decision to have a two week rotation.  After all of the twirly bits on the letters of A Stitch in Time the background blocks of grey flew past.  So […]

The Gamer Page 5

February 16, 2016 Nikki
The Gamer 13th Jan

Having another catch up with the blog, I’ve been having a bit of a sort out and re-organise of my stitching since the start of the year.  I’ve had a new start and started (yet another) rotation which is getting […]

The Gamer Page 4

December 29, 2015 Nikki
The Gamer 17th December

Usually I hit a stitching slump after a finish but it was straight on with The Gamer.  I had spent so long not switching between projects that I was looking forward to getting more done on this one.  It’s a […]

The Gamer Update

July 23, 2015 Nikki
The gamer 23rd July

I’ve got some of the letters in on the banner of The Gamer and I’m really happy to see that the word ‘The’ is readable, it’s really tiny.  I actually stitched most of the banner before I finished off the […]

The Gamer Page Two

July 12, 2015 Nikki
The Gamer 28th June

I seem to be switching between Whispers and The Gamer Nouveau at the moment.  Seeing that I had the sneaky new start of my birthday present then I should at least get a good start on it.  Apart from the […]

I know I said I wouldn’t

June 18, 2015 Nikki
The Gamer 23rd May

Well I had a new start.  I was trying so hard to just work on what I had but I couldn’t resist starting my birthday present. It’s actually a kit called Gamer Nouveau from Gecko Rouge.  A few months ago […]

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