Death By Cross Stitch August 2020

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Death by cross stitch aug 20

Death By Cross Stitch August 2020

September 1, 2020 Nikki 1 min read No Comments

I hit my goal for this month. I managed to finish page 14 and with it some of the more stitch intense borders. I also managed to make a start on page 15 which has the year block in it.

So I’m going to tempt fate and put 2020 in there. I only have pages 15 and 16 left to stitch now and we are only just finishing August. Besides 2020 is a year to be commemorated and hopefully we’ll never have another year like it.

I divide up my stitching on this one to make sure that I’m not left with just the parts which take an age to stitch at the end. I thread three needles and with one I’m stitching the border of the box, with the second I’m working on the fill in of that box and the third I’m working on the acorn border. As the needle empties I switch to the next section. The idea is that it will stop me getting bogged down in borders and leaving me open to distractions.

My goal for September is to finish the top section of page 15 but I do have a week’s break from work in September which means that I have more mornings to sit in my craft room working on it and it is also Sampler September so I might be able to stretch that out to making a start on the bottom section as well.

Death By Cross Stitch August 20
Death By Cross Stitch August 20

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