The Gamer End of March Rotation

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The Gamer 18th March detail

The Gamer End of March Rotation

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I think that I can happily say that a two week rotation is the right length of time for me especially with these two confetti heavy projects that I’m currently switching between.  During the second week on the gamer I was beginning to get bogged down with it and felt like I was getting nowhere so I had a small break and spent a couple of evenings working on a completely different project.  I’ll share a picture of that one in a later post.

The stitchy session after that break was amazing, it felt that I got more done in that one evening than I had been doing before the break – I might have been in an easier area but the break made me feel better.  So the rotation finished with me being a good way through page 8 and I’m fairly confident that I can get the page finished during it’s next rotation.

Now I’m going back to A Stitch In Time for two weeks and that one has so many colour changes, I’m on the second page and I’ve already used 84 of the 87 colours so I might need a break during this one too.  As it’s easter at the end of this week I’ve got some extra stitching time to make the most of.

The Gamer 18th March
The Gamer 18th March

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