Gamer Nouveau Page 17

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Gamer Nouveau 12th December closeup

Gamer Nouveau Page 17

December 20, 2016 Nikki 2 min read No Comments

Another page finished.  These two week rotations are working well for me at the moment as they are just long enough to be able to get a page finished, especially when there isn’t so much confetti to do.  I’ve really enjoyed stitching her hair, the colours are great and the pattern is easy to follow on it.  There was just a little bit to do to finish off the dress straps – they were not so much fun to stitch.

She continues on the rotation at the moment, rotation swap day is on Christmas Eve so I can get started on the end of row page with it’s blocks of grey.  I’m using up some holiday just before Christmas so there is the possibility that I could get that page finished as well.  If I can then I will have completed 14 pages on her in 2016.  My aim is for two more rows of pages next year which will leave me with just two rows of pages left to stitch in 2018.

I’m going to continue with the two week rotation next year as well, it’s also allowing me to spend some time on other projects as well which I really should include on the blog.  I’ll try to remember to get some pictures done for a bit of a year end re-cap.  But instead of rotating onto Into The Sea on Christmas Eve I’m going to spend the week working on my re-start of Santa Owl and then switch to Into the Sea at New Year so I can start the rotations at the start of the year (as well as giving myself a great excuse to spend a nice bit of time on a Christmas project).

Gamer Nouveau 12th December
Gamer Nouveau 12th December

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