The Gamer Page 8 Finished

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the gamer 3rd April closeup

The Gamer Page 8 Finished

April 8, 2016 Nikki 1 min read No Comments

I got off to a good start with my rotation on The Gamer and managed to get the page finished off nice and quickly.  It was mostly background and half of a Space Invader left to do.

Now that I’ve gotten that page done I’m starting the page with her face on it.  There was a tiny piece of her hair on the first row of pages but this page should be lots of hair and her features so I’m excited to be getting to that part.  But we know how time and expectations of progress never really balance out so realistically I’ll just be reaching her face and the rotation will end.

Here is how it looks after finishing page 8, we shall see where I get to next week.

The Gamer 3rd April
The Gamer 3rd April

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