Little Princess Page Finish

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Little Princess Page Finish

July 16, 2011 Nikki 1 min read No Comments
Little Princess 12th July
Little Princess 12th July

It didn’t take me long to finish off the Little Princess page I was working on before the stitch along started.  I had a big stitchy session on the Saturday which saw me finish off the oranges section of her dress and the rest of the page was finished by mid-week.

There’s another little bird on the oranges section of her dress.  The next page of this will pretty much be another row of pages complete.  The page after has a few stitches for the top of the head of another bird.  I was thinking of saving those stitches until I get to the page below it so I can stitch the bird in one go.

I haven’t had so much time for stitching since then.  I put Whispers back on the frame but I not stitched much of the page yet so I’m hoping to get more of that done this weekend.

At the moment I’m planning to concentrate on Whispers again to get a couple more pages done so it may be a few weeks before Little Princess is picked up again.  There are a few pages of mostly dark colours coming up on Whispers so I may feel the need to return to the colourful confetti of Little Princess.

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