Into The Sea Page 15

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Into the sea 8th Jan 2017 closeup

Into The Sea Page 15

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It’s the start of a new year and I’ve finished my first page already.  Super-quick time as well.  Over Christmas I delayed the start of my two week rotation on Into the Sea.  Partly because I wanted to have the rotation start coincide with the start of the year and partly so that I could use the page for the haed challenge #4 that they are running on the facebook group and the bulletin board.  That meant delaying the start by an extra day as well but I didn’t do a lot of stitching on New Years Eve.  So I started the page on the 1st and finished it on the 8th, that’s quick even for me.

There were quite a few blocks of colour as I’m working mostly on her body so the only confetti parts were the strands of hair.  I’m also stitching in a combination of half cross and continental tent stitch and while I don’t find it much faster in confetti areas it helps me to speed through the blocks of colour.

I still have a few days left on this rotation, I’ll be switching on Saturdays still as I prefer starting the rotation on two non-working days.  I’m making a start on page 16 which starts with some of those plants so there’s a little more confetti early on.  I’m also at the halfway point in terms of numbers of pages 15 done and 15 to stitch, I’m over halfway in number of stitches done but I’m at that point where I’m looking forward to the getting to single figures of pages left.  Still feeling confident that I can get this one done this year.

Into the sea 8th Jan 2017
Into the sea 8th Jan 2017

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