Into The Sea Page 16

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Into The Sea 21st Jan closeup

Into The Sea Page 16

January 24, 2017 Nikki 2 min read No Comments

I’ve reached that point on Into The Sea when I begin to think ‘yeah, I can get that finished’.  It was probably hitting the 15 pages done 15 to stitch point.  I had a think about it and decided that I would bin the two week rotation and just work on Into The Sea until she is either finished or I need a break.  My goal is to stitch at least two pages on this every month so this is my second page and I’m now onto the third page of the month.  If I get ahead of myself and I need a break then I might be able to not fall behind in my two page goal.  That means I should be finished around May/June time.

Page 16 was a little busier than the previous page, there were a few blocks but the plant-life in the background does call for several colour changes to keep it interesting.  The next page is mostly background and it’s the last full size page on this row, this project really is stitching up quickly.

At the moment I’m enjoying this way of stitching.  Of course it helps that I have a number of other small projects on the go so I’m not totally focused on stitching the one piece.  It is only the first month though and by March I may be sick of it but if not I shall try the same with Gamer Nouveau once I get back to it although I’ve already got a slight alteration in mind to build in some break time on that project because it sends me potty sometimes.

Into The Sea 21st Jan
Into The Sea 21st Jan

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