Into The Sea pages 17 and 18

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Into The Sea 1st Feb 2017 close

Into The Sea pages 17 and 18

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Two more pages finished, well one of them was the tiny end of the row page that only takes me an evening to stitch which is why I’m doing one picture for both of them.

In January I’ve been able to complete three full size pages on this, I don’t know how I managed so much and I don’t know whether I’ll ever be able to manage it again.  I’ve finished another row on this, three rows done and two left to stitch.  The last row is small partials so out of curiosity I totaled up the number of stitches to work on all of the partial pages and it works out to be just short of a regular size page.  That means I only have the equivalent of 6 full size pages of stitching remaining in order to get this piece finished.  So I’m not going back to switching just yet.

I’m getting the hang of how to work this piece, I’m mostly focusing on 10 row sections but working colours down beyond that to get the thread used.  It’s a structured sort of cross country that is working well on this piece because of the way that the shapes build up.  The bottom of the picture is a lot of curling waves and I think the same technique is going to work well for those as well.

Into The Sea 1st Feb 2017
Into The Sea 1st Feb 2017

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