Stole Finished

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Ringwraith Stole

Stole Finished

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This one has been a little while in the making, or the knitting.  I love the Lord of the Rings story and I’m a fan of the films too so as well as stitching Eternal Promise I was happy to see that there were a lot of knitting patterns inspired by the stories and the films.  The first one I have knitted is Ringwraith stole, full of lovely sinuous lines and a cable pattern.

It’s knitted using DyeForYarn’s Tussah Silk using the colour Raven in the Night, it isn’t as shiny as mulberry silk but it has a beautiful drape and really holds the stitches well.  It holds the water well too, taking most of Saturday to dry.  I finished it with a gentle block to open the eyelets but didn’t want to be too aggressive  to keep those lines soft and sweeping.  Still unsure about adding beads to the end, maybe if I find the right type of beads I’ll add them at a later date.

Knitting now will be continuing with my latest pair of socks while I work out what shawl to knit next.  Stitching continues on Computer Catastrophes, I’ve nearly completed another page and I’m looking forward to the final page of the row.

stole from above
stole from above

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