Trick Or Treat December 2020

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Trick or Treat Dec 20

Trick Or Treat December 2020

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The last month of the year and my last two weeks on Trick or Treat for 2020. At the beginning of December I was tempted by the prospect of finishing the two pages that I had already done some stitching on; one was a full page and the other a six stitch wide partial page. I thought that it might be a stretch because I’m back amongst the branches and the leaves and there can be a lot of confetti tucked away in those.

I managed to find some good quality stitching time and was able to complete pages 8 and 9 with one day to spare on the rotation so I’ve also made a start on page 10 with more leaves and branches. I have really enjoyed working on this project but I am looking forward to getting into the second row of pages because then I’ll be seeing more of the actual house.

A few end of year details. I have worked on this project 48 times in 2020 and completed 28,385 stitches on it to complete 5 pages. I’m now at 11.39% complete. A long way to go.

Trick or Treat Dec 2020
Trick or Treat Dec 2020

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