Turkey Bay A Finish

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Turkey Bay close

Turkey Bay A Finish

February 28, 2017 Nikki 1 min read No Comments

I had a finish over the weekend.  Turkey Bay by Plum Street Samplers which I started on 21st November 2016.

I usually only stitch on small pieces like this once a week, usually Friday when it’s a sofa and TV watching evening.  And then there are times when I need a break from the concentration that comes with confetti.  It’s also nice to stitch with variegated floss.

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK but the reason I wanted to stitch this piece was for the turkeys.  I like the two that are bobbing about in the waves.  I also have the pattern for the companion piece Sirens Cove, mermaids and I think lady turkeys.  I would like to start that one at some point this year but I have a few other small pieces that I want to stitch as well.

Turkey Bay
Turkey Bay

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